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Renee' P.

Good morning. I bought your package 3 years ago. I have been involved in personal problems. Now i'm trying to get back to your package this year 2007. I love your t.v. shows with your people who have made millions of dollars.I will be sending for your new package and I promise myself to get busy. Stay blessed and prosperous Mr.Dalbey and I hope i'll be on your next info. show!I'm starting my real estate license class in college soon, but i'm really interested in your cash flow business.

Brian Laibach

Hello Russ,

Not sure if you remember me, I used to Race for The Paramount Cycle Club and Scott and Vicki Gordon. I enjoyed racing against you at Encino Velodrome and many other cities.
My wife ( Louise Romo) is a former National Team Member also, she ran Track 800M.
We recently purchased your Books and Videos and starting to study how to make it all work.
Congratulations on your success. I am glad that your doing well.

Take Care
Brian Laibach

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