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As the CEO and founder of The Dalbey Education Institute, Russ Dalbey has authored dozens of best-selling books and articles on the cash flow business. A highly sought-after public speaker on the topics of wealth, success, and personal motivation, he also holds a record in The Guinness Book of World Records for cycling.

Russ Dalbey is a self-made, self-educated multi-millionaire who made his fortune using the same principles now taught at The Dalbey Education Institute. Perhaps more than any other financial educator, Russ understands the importance of simplifying financial education so that anyone can learn to become a millionaire.

“Wealth isn’t just for a certain privileged few,” he says. “In spite of what most financial experts teach, you don’t need to have money to make money. Anyone can learn to master the steps to financial freedom.”

Although today Russ is considered the premier authority on making money in the cash flow note business, he wasn't always a financial success. He was once just a young kid on a bike with a dream of training for the U.S. Olympics!

Against all odds, he won international honors as a competitive cyclist, and broke the world record when he blazed through a one-mile course faster than any man before him.

But when the time came for Russ to leave cycling behind and earn a living outside of professional sports, he had nothing more than his own determination to rely on. With no college degree or job skills, he went in search of the best way to make money. Russ quickly began to learn the financial industry as a stockbroker. He was successful, but the work environment left much to be desired. When a friend happened to mention the "Cash Flow Note Business" to him, Russ was intrigued.

Russ left the high-stress world of Wall Street behind and devoted his energy to making money in the Cash Flow Note Business. He found a mentor to coach him and saw results immediately. Russ soon made enough money with notes to retire wealthy at the young age of 28.

Shortly after, his personal mentor passed away. Through his will, he requested that Russ
take over his financial education company. Out of deep gratitude for the man who helped him make his fortune, Russ agreed to step in on a trial basis. He soon discovered that helping others to achieve financial freedom was more rewarding and exhilarating than anything he had done before.

While his teaching career began simply as a personal service project, Russ Dalbey decided to come out of retirement and dedicate his life to helping as many people as possible achieve financial freedom. In fact, Russ has recently set a goal for himself of helping 1,000 people become new millionaires in the next 10 years.

Russ has been teaching his moneymaking method now for almost two decades, and is considered among the leading educators and experts in the cash flow note field today. He is truly delighted to bring his vision, experience, knowledge, and energy to anyone who is just discovering the note business for the first time – people who are looking for a better way to live and love life.